Among the various racing cars that rove the world, Ferrari 430 Scuderia has its own place and stand. It is one of the lightweight models and was revealed by Michael Schumacher in the Frankfurt Auto Show of 2007.  It has been tested to reveal that it is fastest amongst the faster cars of the world. It is the specification and the design that add value to the car.

Specifications – Ferrari 430 Scuderia is much lighter almost by 220 lb when compared to any of the other standard F430. The best features of Scuderia are that it is also more powerful by 508 horsepower (hp) with a weight to power ratio of only 2.5 kg per hp. The other facilities that help differentiate it from the rest of the models are the ion sensing knock detecting systems which helps to gain an increased ratio of compression.  The semi automatic transmission has also been improved to the level of Superfast2 where the software works 60 milliseconds shifts time faster than the previous models. 

Popularity – With a mileage of 0 to 60 miles per hour and that too in 3.1 seconds, Ferrari 430 Scuderia certainly stands out. The car can go from 0 to 100 km per hour in just less than 3.6 seconds and rove up to a speed of 198 miles per hour which is also the top speed of the car. Born in Italy, this auto has V8 engines in the mid coupe and is facilitated with disk ventilated ceramic brakes. Driving this 1350 kilos car which has a power output of 118 CV per litre from its engine and a power of 510 horsepower is an experience by itself.