Car manufacturers have always tried to come up with designs, specifications and models of the cars that would simply stop the heart of the onlookers. Among the car manufacturers of numerous countries, German, Italian and British have always stood out. While some of these awesome car models have luxury and perfection to its advantage, others have speed and technology to their advantage. Alfa Romeo 8C is one the designs by Italian car manufacturers that have been celebrated amongst the racing car lovers. 

Popularity – Alfa Romeo 8C gained popularity due to both its technology and appearance or design.  It was more of a substitute to the convertibles which had speed on its side. Along with the most attractive exhaust parts, it has a 4.7 litre V – 8 engines which can tune up to 600 horsepower and increase it further by 150 horsepower when required. This car has a torque of 5400 RPM which adds to the manoeuvring capacity.  Serving a speed between 180 mph or 290 km per hr and 189 mph or 305 km pr hr, it is a the fastest version and is loved by the racers. 

Other features – Apart from the features that make the car so popular, the car also has a version that is environment friendly. It further has water to air intercoolers, large fuel injectors and dedicated radiators. The calibrated ignition facilities add to the maximum capacity for the car. The transmission capacity of the car is 6 speed semi automatic and has simpler designs but in attractive colours. While the body-shell is made up of carbon fibre, the common colours preferred are black, red and yellow. Other paints need to be customized as per the orders. This topless racing car is a heartthrob for many but is very expensive considering that the production was limited to only 500 units.