When it comes to wheels and tyres, many think that original equipment manufacturer products are best; unfortunately they could not be farther from the truth. In many cases, aftermarket products are the superior choice for a multitude of reasons. With hundreds of different manufacturers producing various aftermarket wheels and tyres, you have ample choices to get the exact look you want for your vehicle and equip it with some wicked wheels.

Benefits of Replica Wheels

Replica wheels are incredibly popular amongst car enthusiasts, but those who are new to the automotive world may not know exactly why. Some swear down that original equipment manufacturer (aka OEM) products are better, but let’s take a look at exactly why so many choose aftermarket wheels and tyres over OEM alternatives.


A massive difference between replica (or aftermarket) wheels and OEM wheels is that replica wheels are reverse engineered. An aftermarket manufacturer will take an OEM wheel and send it to the engineers and design specialists to be analyzed. The engineers there will then find various flaws (if any), create new designs based of the original, and an effective production process. Overall, the quality from the original design to the aftermarket product is vastly improved in many instances, leading to a better performing vehicle in general.


As stated earlier, the original wheel is used as essentially a starting point, and aftermarket manufacturers build fabulous designs based on that. Since there are so many different replica wheel manufacturers, there is an absolutely absurd amount of design options.

Once you have found a reliable manufacturer, you can then look at the various designs offered. Whether you want a simple spoke design, or you are looking for some wicket spinners, there are surely many designs that will catch your eye and enhance the overall appeal and function of your vehicle.


Original equipment manufacturer wheels are produced by a single manufacturer, meaning that the price is set. Finding variations in prices for OEM parts can be difficult, and those looking for a more affordable option may be left with a fairly empty pocket should they choose OEM parts. Fortunately aftermarket wheels offer a plethora of manufacturers who can produce the wheels at significantly lower or higher prices. Depending on the quality of the manufacturer, materials used, and overall style of the wheel, you can easily get a much cheaper wheel built at a higher level of quality than the original!


Overall, aftermarket wheels are absolutely fantastic. They offer an astounding range of choices that can even be overwhelming for some looking to purchase a new set of wheels. With hundreds of different manufacturers producing replica wheels, you get a wide range of prices, designs, functions, and qualities. Choosing the best one for your car takes some time, however with replica wheels, you do not have to settle on a single manufacturer. Get a wicked set of new wheels from an aftermarket manufacturer and enjoy the money saved as well as the improvedaesthetic appeal of your vehicle!