Misconceptions abound in the auto industry, and nowhere is that more true than in the auto shipping sector. Misinformed customers and misleading shippers are the source of many of these assumptions; some have a grain of truth, but most are wholly inaccurate. Here, you’ll learn about the five most common misconceptions about the auto shipping industry–and you’ll learn the truth as well.

Most shippers require a deposit. If you’re new to the world of auto shipping, an upfront deposit may seem like you’re paying before you receive any service. Unless the contract includes language to the contrary, that’s not how most job offers work. Auto shipping companies aren’t supposed to charge you until the work is done, but most will ask for your credit card info to secure your spot. If a shipper asks for a deposit, they may be looking to take your money and run–so you should take your business somewhere else.

You’ll have to buy costly cargo insurance. This myth could not be more untrue. A reputable transporter won’t ask you to buy cargo insurance from them; rather, the enclosed transport driver themselves must be sufficiently insured.

They’ll hit you with extra fees once your pickup is confirmed. This one’s pretty much a deal-breaker for most people, because no one likes to see surprise charges on their credit card statement. Transporters cannot add fuel surcharges and taxes onto your quoted price once you confirm an order; all fees must be included in the quote you’re initially given. 

Placing multiple orders will get you faster service. This one is somewhat true. While a customer may get faster results by placing multiple orders with carriers, they don’t always get the results they expect. It’s simplest and best to place one order with one company or broker, to make it easy on all involved.

Terminal-to-terminal services are just as good as single-car companies. To simplify routes, terminal-based companies typically only carry full truckloads of cars from one state to another. Because of load consolidation, it can take weeks to get your vehicle where it needs to be. If you’re on a deadline or you’re moving soon, choose a shipping company that offers door-to-door service.

There are many misunderstandings and half-truths in the auto shipping business, and hopefully the information we’ve given here has helped to dispel some of them. By being informed and by looking for the best deal on car shipping, you can get what you need without paying too much.