The VHX Analog Digital Gauges has created a revolutionary impact in gauge instrumentation field. The contemporary VHX layout (triple gauge) is actually inspired by ’57 Chevy and assures enormous flexibility. The larger instrument measures around 6.25 inches and the two smaller ones comes around 3 inches. The instrument is housed in chromed billet-aluminum with bezels around. Here is a short brief on the features of VHX Analog- Digital Gauges.

  • Special features

The VHX analog gauge is equipped with 3 distinct features which are not present in the conventional approach towards instrumentation. These are backlit faces, completely-lit needles & LCD based message centers assuring higher visibility. 

  • Displays found in the instrument system
  • Speedometer- zero-120 or 140 or 160 MPH of analog depending on application; 0-255 KPH/MPH digitally in the message center
  • Oil Pressure- zero-80pst digitally & analog
  • Tachometer- zero- 8000 analog & zero-9,990 digitally
  • Water Temperature- 140-220 degree F analog & 0-300 degrees F digitally
  • Fuel Level- Empty to Full analog  and 0-99 percent digitally
  • Voltmeter- zero-17VDC digitally and analog
  • Digital Message-center displays:
  • Trip Odometer
  • Odometer
  • Re-settable Service Odometer
  • Hour meter
  • Clock
  • zero to sixty MPH timer
  • one-fourth mile timer
  • one-fourth mile speed
  • Great RPM recall
  • Great Speed recall
  • The varied indicators displayed are:
  • High beam
  • Turn Signals
  • Parking Brake
  • Cruise Control
  • Check Engine
  • 4 by 4 displayed in the message center
  • Wait to begin displayed in the message center
  • Control Module

The VHX Analog- Digital Gauges come up with a sturdy control module outboard which is offering with a number of benefits. It presents the instrument with a neat appearance- the wire bundles are all routed to control module and none of them go directly to this instrument. The control module has a dimension of 5.5” by 4.5” by 1” & could be centralized or tucked away in under-dash convenient locations. Then, there’s a just one ribbon cable which links the display with control module, offering simplified connections eliminating clutter. Then you get simplified trouble shooting with on-board diagnostics and there are terminal strips for safe wire termination.

  • Sensors

The VHX analog-digital gauge is backed by laboratory grade string state sensors assuring tremendous accuracy. The installation is a breeze with 12 inches harnesses supported by weather-tight connections. Then you get speed sensor which can transform the mechanical-speedometer cable into electric easily. Water temperature and oil pressure sensors come with 1/8 inches NPT sensors.