In a two-seater dragster, one can have good experience in the ride. The two-seat dragsters are America’s well-known obsessions. They are actually powered by the five horsepower Briggs along with the Stratton engines in order to produce the speed up to eighty-five mph. At the same time, they are famous for their power, speed and there is no any difference in these models. The real fact is that they are considered to be the fastest race cars on the planet. Their speed is about eighty mph in nearly seven seconds. Gasoline is used as the fuel but most of the engines are modified to burn the methanol for the quicker times

About ten years back, the total cost is about eight thousand dollars new, four thousand five hundred dollars used. On the other side of the flip, the V8 engines are fitted only with the carburetors only. An interesting fact is that the dragsters can cover about the quarter mile at more than two hundred mph. Generally, the races take place on the straight stretch of the track and mostly the race times may vary depending upon the weather conditions including the special events.