The Toyota GT86 is a car that is bound to take you by surprise. It is a welcome break from all the flashy sports car in the market today that comes with a hell lot of sophisticated tools that confuse you. This car may not take you as fast as the super cars in the market that are owned by the super rich but the experience of riding this car is very good and therefore you are sure to be a proud and satisfied owner.

Here are a few features of the car that deserve special mention:

  • The car may not be a very powerful one but it is definitely light in weight and that makes it easier to drive around. The engine is a simple and basic one: a flat two liter four boxer engine which falls under 151 lb ft and 200 bhp.
  • The car makes up for its lack of over power by being light in weight, rear wheel drive, and awesome tyres.  The car is also beautifully balanced and offers a low center of gravity for easy driving and handling. 
  • The car has many a thing common with Porsche, for instance all the controls of the car are near the hand of the driver and this makes the car pretty compact and handy. However though the system may be Porsche style, the interior and the styling of the car along with the finish does not match with that of Porsche. The best thing about the interior of the car is that the seats of the car are low set and perfectly snug and comfortable to sit in and someone gives it an impression that it is meant to a joy ride more then a competitive or super fast one. 
  • This car is not about speed as has been mentioned earlier and the reason being that the car takes about 7 seconds to reach a speed of 60mph when there are cars in the market which claim to do the same in less than 3 seconds!
  • As long as the engine is under 7500rpm, it does not produce any disturbing noise.