With so many options available, it’s good to know about the pros and cons of the two main automotive wheel types: magnesium and aluminum. In this guide, we’ll cover that and much more.

The Differences Between Magnesium and Aluminum Wheels Offer Variety

The wide availability of aluminum wheels makes it easy to find a good set, no matter what you’re looking for. They’re sold by numerous manufacturers, which allows you to choose a well-known brand such as Speedy wheels in Australia. Some wheel manufacturers even make other automotive accessories, which allows you to achieve brand consistency.

Aluminum Wheels Are a Costly Option

Various alloy wheels in store, selective focus.

If you’re on a tight budget, aluminum rims may not be the best choice. Of course, the price will depend on the style and size you choose, but aluminum rims are typically more expensive than those made of magnesium or steel. In most instances, the price differences arise because of varying manufacturing costs.

Aluminum Rims are Durable

Compared to rims made of magnesium, aluminum wheels are tougher and longer lasting. Aluminum wheels are much stronger than mag wheels, because mags are harder and more delicate to manufacture. Aluminum wheels are strong enough for daily use, and many automakers include them as standard equipment. Other types of aluminum wheels are purpose-built for racing applications.

Aluminum Wheels are Widely Available

Aluminum wheels are sold by numerous Australian retailers, which makes it easy to find the right set. We can help you find the perfect wheel and tyre packages for your 4X4, no matter what you drive.

Magnesium Wheels Bring the “Wow” Factor

Mags are popular simply because they look better than wheels made of aluminum. However, looks aren’t their only advantage. Magnesium wheels are lighter than their aluminum and steel counterparts, which means they’ll improve your car or truck’s fuel economy.

Mags Bend Easily

Once your mags bend, it’s almost impossible to straighten them. Because they’re so delicate, you’ll have to be more cautious when you drive. Though magnesium alloys are durable, they do have their limits, and mistakes on the road can be costly.

Magnesium Wheels Are Harder to Overheat

There’s less worry about overheating with mags because they dissipate heat more efficiently than rims made of aluminum. You won’t have to deal with brake overheating, which will adversely affect your pads and other brake parts.

Mags Look Great

One of the biggest benefits of magnesium wheels is the way they make your vehicle look. Like Fuel rims in Australia,mags are only available on the aftermarket, so they give you the chance to customize your vehicle. However, it’s important to find the right fit, and you can take things further by purchasing colored or chrome valve stem caps.

Magnesium Wheels are Costly

Though magnesium wheels are great, they do tend to be costly. For many drivers, the benefits aren’t worth the increase in price. It’s up to you though, as the wheels you choose will have a significant effect on your vehicle’s appearance.


Whether you’re looking for aluminum or magnesium wheels, it’s important to be aware of their benefits and drawbacks. Count on our experts to give you unbiased recommendations that will help you make an informed decision.