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Glamorous Alfa Romeo 8C

Car manufacturers have always tried to come up with designs, specifications and models of the cars that would simply stop the heart of the onlookers. Among the car manufacturers of numerous countries, German, Italian and British have always stood out. While some of these awesome car models have luxury and perfection to its advantage, others have speed and technology to their advantage. Alfa Romeo 8C is one the designs by Italian car manufacturers that have been celebrated amongst the racing car lovers. 

Popularity – Alfa Romeo 8C gained popularity due to both its technology and appearance or design.  It was more of a substitute to the convertibles which had speed on its side. Along with the most attractive exhaust parts, it has a 4.7 litre V – 8 engines which can tune up to 600 horsepower and increase it further by 150 horsepower when required. This car has a torque of 5400 RPM which adds to the manoeuvring capacity.  Serving a speed between 180 mph or 290 km per hr and 189 mph or 305 km pr hr, it is a the fastest version and is loved by the racers. 

Other features – Apart from the features that make the car so popular, the car also has a version that is environment friendly. It further has water to air intercoolers, large fuel injectors and dedicated radiators. The calibrated ignition facilities add to the maximum capacity for the car. The transmission capacity of the car is 6 speed semi automatic and has simpler designs but in attractive colours. While the body-shell is made up of carbon fibre, the common colours preferred are black, red and yellow. Other paints need to be customized as per the orders. This topless racing car is a heartthrob for many but is very expensive considering that the production was limited to only 500 units. 

Get a set of wicked replica wheels

When it comes to wheels and tyres, many think that original equipment manufacturer products are best; unfortunately they could not be farther from the truth. In many cases, aftermarket products are the superior choice for a multitude of reasons. With hundreds of different manufacturers producing various aftermarket wheels and tyres, you have ample choices to get the exact look you want for your vehicle and equip it with some wicked wheels.

Benefits of Replica Wheels

Replica wheels are incredibly popular amongst car enthusiasts, but those who are new to the automotive world may not know exactly why. Some swear down that original equipment manufacturer (aka OEM) products are better, but let’s take a look at exactly why so many choose aftermarket wheels and tyres over OEM alternatives.


A massive difference between replica (or aftermarket) wheels and OEM wheels is that replica wheels are reverse engineered. An aftermarket manufacturer will take an OEM wheel and send it to the engineers and design specialists to be analyzed. The engineers there will then find various flaws (if any), create new designs based of the original, and an effective production process. Overall, the quality from the original design to the aftermarket product is vastly improved in many instances, leading to a better performing vehicle in general.


As stated earlier, the original wheel is used as essentially a starting point, and aftermarket manufacturers build fabulous designs based on that. Since there are so many different replica wheel manufacturers, there is an absolutely absurd amount of design options.

Once you have found a reliable manufacturer, you can then look at the various designs offered. Whether you want a simple spoke design, or you are looking for some wicket spinners, there are surely many designs that will catch your eye and enhance the overall appeal and function of your vehicle.


Original equipment manufacturer wheels are produced by a single manufacturer, meaning that the price is set. Finding variations in prices for OEM parts can be difficult, and those looking for a more affordable option may be left with a fairly empty pocket should they choose OEM parts. Fortunately aftermarket wheels offer a plethora of manufacturers who can produce the wheels at significantly lower or higher prices. Depending on the quality of the manufacturer, materials used, and overall style of the wheel, you can easily get a much cheaper wheel built at a higher level of quality than the original!


Overall, aftermarket wheels are absolutely fantastic. They offer an astounding range of choices that can even be overwhelming for some looking to purchase a new set of wheels. With hundreds of different manufacturers producing replica wheels, you get a wide range of prices, designs, functions, and qualities. Choosing the best one for your car takes some time, however with replica wheels, you do not have to settle on a single manufacturer. Get a wicked set of new wheels from an aftermarket manufacturer and enjoy the money saved as well as the improvedaesthetic appeal of your vehicle!

Classy Ducati 1098R Bayliss Limited Edition

Ducati 1098R Bayliss LE was manufactured to honour Troy Bayliss, the legend. It was to celebrate his victory in 2008 World Superbike Championship which he won being aboard 1098R and also his end of the career after claiming three World Championship with Ducati Superbike as his companion. These limited category bikes were made in the year of 2009 and falls under the Sport category. When compared with other bikes of its category, it has a high rating of being over 70 percent. 

Specifications – The features that make this bike stand out and rare are its engine, torque, speed, and power and fuel systems. While it has a four stoke V2 engine, it also is facilitated with a torque of 13.7 kgf per metre or approximately 99.1 ft per lbs. with compression of 12: 8:1, it can give a power of 180 horsepower (HP) at 9750 RPM. The 6 speed gearbox definitely adds to the glamour of the speed. This lightweight bike made up of stainless steel and titanium mufflers has a liquid cooling system. With efficient fuel system that is characterized by electronic fuel injection, elliptical throttle bodies and desmodromic valve control system, it has made a definite mark on the car racers. 

Comfort level – The bike is popular even when it is extremely expensive due to its limited edition of manufacture. Apart from the aspects of specifications, it is also quite comfortable to drive. It is light at just 165 kg or 363.8 pounds and has an adjustable seat height setting which can come down to 820 mm if required further the power – weight ratio of 1.0909 HP per kg and fuel capacity of 15.5 litres or 4.1 gallons is something that cannot be ignored.  Further, it has electric starter and comes in two colour options of red and black.

Car Dealerships Online in UK to make the car purchase easier

Car dealers are the most sought after by the people who desire to own a car whether new or old. The reason is mainly the bargaining and discount offers that the car dealers have to offer.  However, most localities have single car dealers and this puts the buyer into disadvantage because both the scope of negotiation and choice of car reduce dramatically. In such circumstances, the car dealerships that have grown and prospered online are the best solutions. Each country has its own procedures and formalities to deal with. The online car dealers in UK make it very simple for the customers.  

Facilities – The car dealers who operate online in UK often work as groups and networks to provide the best to its customers. They provide the best cars, car parts, accessories and services to the customers but at lowest prices. Moreover, they provide offers and discounts that cannot be matched with the regular showrooms and auto dealers.  They customers get the benefit of increased choices, reasonable prices and their buying power as well as their saving capacities both gets elevated. The provide loan facilities also to buy the dream car whether it is Ford, or Fiat or Renault or Nissan or Mazda or any other brand.

Accessibility – The online car dealers in UK are just a click away. A thorough search over the Internet can help find out all about the dealers. The reviews made by the customers also help a lot.  One may get baffled to find over 4000 models of cars to choose from. However, when dealing with an online car dealer, it is important to have their background check and also the papers and other documents of the car thoroughly checked before making any purchase. 

5 Tips for Successful Enclosed Auto Transport

When it’s time to relocate, you’ll have two options as to moving your vehicle–you can drive it to your new home, or you can hire a reliable auto shipper. Auto transport can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on factors such as your destination city, the kind of vehicle you own, and the company you choose. The five tips given here can help you save money while getting your car to your new home safely.

Find Companies That Bundle Shipping

The easiest way to save on car shipping is to find a company that will move your household belongings as well as your vehicle. You may receive a discount for using one carrier to ship it all; you can also save by planning your move during the off-season. During winter and fall, you can save 30% or even more on auto shipping.

Document Your Car’s Condition

Before shipping your vehicle, thoroughly document each rust spot, dent and scratch. Wash the vehicle, carefully inspecting the inside and outside for damage. Take photos and save them on your digital camera, smartphone or computer. By documenting the car’s pre-shipment condition, you’ll have an easier time if you need to make a claim for damage.

Remove Personal Belongings

Before using an enclosed auto transport company, it’s still a good idea to remove all of your belongings from the vehicle. This includes items like GPS units, satellite radio receivers, CDs and music players–you should also consider removing exterior accessories like spoilers, bike and luggage racks. It’s also a good idea to deactivate the vehicle’s antitheft or alarm system, if so equipped.

Check the Shipper’s Requirements

Most shippers have preparation requirements, and you should check them during the pre-screening process. Some shippers ask that you leave the vehicle’s fuel tank 1/4 full or less, to cut down on overall weight. Call the carrier’s customer service line, or check the website to see which precautionary measures you should take.

Get Ready to Hit the Road

Before shipment, you should check the air pressure in your tires and ensure that your car’s battery is fully charged. Get your car ready as if you’ll be driving it to your destination city, and prepare it for any weather conditions that may arise.

Moving to another state is a huge decision, and hiring an auto transporter is just another part of the process. Take some time, do some research and get auto transport quotes from more than one company. By preparing your car (and yourself) ahead of time, you can make the shipping process smooth and hassle-free.

5 Misconceptions About Car Shipping

Misconceptions abound in the auto industry, and nowhere is that more true than in the auto shipping sector. Misinformed customers and misleading shippers are the source of many of these assumptions; some have a grain of truth, but most are wholly inaccurate. Here, you’ll learn about the five most common misconceptions about the auto shipping industry–and you’ll learn the truth as well.

Most shippers require a deposit. If you’re new to the world of auto shipping, an upfront deposit may seem like you’re paying before you receive any service. Unless the contract includes language to the contrary, that’s not how most job offers work. Auto shipping companies aren’t supposed to charge you until the work is done, but most will ask for your credit card info to secure your spot. If a shipper asks for a deposit, they may be looking to take your money and run–so you should take your business somewhere else.

You’ll have to buy costly cargo insurance. This myth could not be more untrue. A reputable transporter won’t ask you to buy cargo insurance from them; rather, the enclosed transport driver themselves must be sufficiently insured.

They’ll hit you with extra fees once your pickup is confirmed. This one’s pretty much a deal-breaker for most people, because no one likes to see surprise charges on their credit card statement. Transporters cannot add fuel surcharges and taxes onto your quoted price once you confirm an order; all fees must be included in the quote you’re initially given. 

Placing multiple orders will get you faster service. This one is somewhat true. While a customer may get faster results by placing multiple orders with carriers, they don’t always get the results they expect. It’s simplest and best to place one order with one company or broker, to make it easy on all involved.

Terminal-to-terminal services are just as good as single-car companies. To simplify routes, terminal-based companies typically only carry full truckloads of cars from one state to another. Because of load consolidation, it can take weeks to get your vehicle where it needs to be. If you’re on a deadline or you’re moving soon, choose a shipping company that offers door-to-door service.

There are many misunderstandings and half-truths in the auto shipping business, and hopefully the information we’ve given here has helped to dispel some of them. By being informed and by looking for the best deal on car shipping, you can get what you need without paying too much.