Digital Speedometer & Tachometer Interfaces

When you have bought a new car you may not know the exact name of the device which shows you the speed at which you are travelling. It is known as the speedometer. It is present in every vehicle so that the driver can see at what speed he is going and does not cross the speed limit. Nowadays cars have digital speedometer which shows the accurate value.

Features Of Digital Speedometer And Tachometer Interfaces

Having a speedometer and a tachometer in your car is the basic thing that a car manufacturer will provide. What you need to do is, understand the uses of these things. They are as follows:

  • Since the speedometer is case sensitive therefore it can react to any bumpers and sudden brakes. Therefore it is advised to drive at a regular pace so that you get the correct information.
  • The tachometer interface on the other hand is more technical as it deals with engine combustion and the offset and sensor circuits.
  • With new models being introduced in alternative months, the speedometers of cars are being upgraded in every model so that it becomes easier for the driver. Since the traditional speedometers have been replaced with digital numbers the drivers can be more cautious while they drive.
  • The tachometer interface has a limit that is predetermined so that the magnitude of the engine reacts to that and the car runs smoothly.
  • While driving if there is any problem in the speed the speedometer will indicate you with a red alert and you can stop and check is anything is wrong. The analogue speedometers did not have such facilities and that is the main reason of so many accidents.
  • With so many functions in the speedometer it will be hard for you to get an accident until and unless you are absolutely careless. The digital speedometers have been in the market for a long time but the modifications in them are still on.
  • Unlike the speedometer the tachometer interface cannot be seen. You need to open the car in order to see it.

2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Supercharged

The Mercedes SLS AMG is one of those cars which will forever be remembered as one of the most iconic cars of the world. This car is a true blend of the style and sophistication of the AMG brand and combines true beauty with ultimate technology sophistication. If you are thinking of owning a Mercedes then the 2012 Mercedes SLS AMG should be the first car on your priority list.

Here are a few reasons why the Mercedes SLS AMG is a must have car:


  • Needless to say the Mercedes SLS AMG is one of the best looking cars around. The car almost has a vintage look that is sure to drive many crazy. From the moment the doors of the car open to the moment you are inside and the interior of the car takes you in, you have turned into a lover. 
  • You are sure to notice the vintage bits in the bullet-nose T- Birds and Silver Arrow Benzes. The rich and velvety leather, the metal air vents, the aluminum and chrome features speak of heavenly décor. 


  • The Engine is supercharged and provides the perfect driving experience. The engine is a V-8 and offers a horse power of 571 at 6.3 liters. And all comprising AMG unit consists and offers it all along with a torque of 479 pound feet.
  • All this power of the engine is handled brilliantly by the rear wheels due to its seven speed dual clutch transmission that has improved over the years. 
  • The car is extremely easy to drive around and though you cannot exactly call it flexible you can turn it into every nook and corner without much effort. This makes that car handy which otherwise is not a very light weight car. You are in for disappointment if you want to dodge the car without turning off the safety parameters as the car is still as sticky as before. 
  • The massive engine takes up most of the space in the car and leaves you with less leg space and less space for your head as well. 

Toyota GT86 Review

The Toyota GT86 is a car that is bound to take you by surprise. It is a welcome break from all the flashy sports car in the market today that comes with a hell lot of sophisticated tools that confuse you. This car may not take you as fast as the super cars in the market that are owned by the super rich but the experience of riding this car is very good and therefore you are sure to be a proud and satisfied owner.

Here are a few features of the car that deserve special mention:

  • The car may not be a very powerful one but it is definitely light in weight and that makes it easier to drive around. The engine is a simple and basic one: a flat two liter four boxer engine which falls under 151 lb ft and 200 bhp.
  • The car makes up for its lack of over power by being light in weight, rear wheel drive, and awesome tyres.  The car is also beautifully balanced and offers a low center of gravity for easy driving and handling. 
  • The car has many a thing common with Porsche, for instance all the controls of the car are near the hand of the driver and this makes the car pretty compact and handy. However though the system may be Porsche style, the interior and the styling of the car along with the finish does not match with that of Porsche. The best thing about the interior of the car is that the seats of the car are low set and perfectly snug and comfortable to sit in and someone gives it an impression that it is meant to a joy ride more then a competitive or super fast one. 
  • This car is not about speed as has been mentioned earlier and the reason being that the car takes about 7 seconds to reach a speed of 60mph when there are cars in the market which claim to do the same in less than 3 seconds!
  • As long as the engine is under 7500rpm, it does not produce any disturbing noise. 

Next Porsche 911 GT3 to Pack 450 HP

The next Porsche 911 GT3 is soon to hit the market and is supposed to launch in March 2013. There are a lot of rumors surrounding the improvements that might be found on the new launch and there is mounting expectation from this brand of sports cars already. One thing for sure and that is the Porsche 911 GT3 that is to be launched is sure to be lighter and more powerful then the sports car it has been before.  The car is said to be unveiled at the 2013 March Geneva Motor show.

Here are some of the features of the Porsche 911 GT3 that are worthy of mention:

  • The exterior and the interior look of the car will surely go through some modifications and is expected to get a new design maybe. However the main objective of the car’s manufacturers in this case is to reduce the overall weight of the car by 200 lbs., this has been possible to achieve by the use of composites.
  • When it comes to the engine it can be expected that the engine is sure to deliver an output of around 480 HP. The make of the engine is not known yet as the car has not yet been launched. However a few things are certain and that is the engine is sure to be mated with the PDK gearbox that Porsche is famous for. This gearbox also helps in maintaining and attaining fuel efficiency. 

Though the engine may be unknown to the users till date most car critics hope that the engine is good enough to deal with the competition that the latest Porsche has. The Next Porsche GT3 has strong competitors in the name of Nissan, Mercedes and Ferrari. While the latest model of these cars is already drawing attention with their latest announcements and possible improvements, it can only be hoped that Porsche takes this competition seriously and offers one hell of a first class engine.  If you are looking forward to own your own Porsche 911 GT3 then you will have to wait till its launch in 2013 after which it will soon hit the market.  

2012 Ford Focus ST three-door rendering

The 2012 Ford Focus ST is definitely a car worth considering. The 2012 model of the car saw many improvements which will be discussed later and also comes with a variety of door options to choose from. The most famous ones in the market are the 3-door and 5-door rendering models which give a different look and definitely a different feel to the car. With the 2013 model of the Ford Focus ST on its way, it’s time to get hold of this car if you have been thinking of doing so.

Here are a few specifications and features of the car that may help you decide:


  • The 2012 Ford Focus ST comes with a modified version of the 2 liter engine. This engine is a modified and therefore better version of the earlier Ecoboost motor which is a four cylindered turbo. 265 lb ft of torque is provided that can be availed from 1750rpm to 4500rpm. 
  • Another welcome change and up gradation on the Ford Focus ST is the presence of a variable ratio electric power steering.  This is aimed at giving better and faster responses to twists and turns.  The electronic steering is also aimed at eliminating torque steering. 
  • When compared to the previous cars, the car is much closer to the ground and provided with better suspenders. 


  • The official maximum that the car can go up to is 154mph, under extreme conditions that car did go up to 162mph. though the engine may not seem to be a very challenging one, it is ready to scale the heights though it is at the mind level that you are sure to get the real feel of driving the car. 
  • The electronic steering does deliver its promise and is surprisingly powerful making it easy to drive around in every corner and take every turn efficiently. Though there is a fair amount of torque steering ion dry surfaces, the steering wheel takes care of it and also adds to the attitude and personality of the car.