The Mercedes SLS AMG is one of those cars which will forever be remembered as one of the most iconic cars of the world. This car is a true blend of the style and sophistication of the AMG brand and combines true beauty with ultimate technology sophistication. If you are thinking of owning a Mercedes then the 2012 Mercedes SLS AMG should be the first car on your priority list.

Here are a few reasons why the Mercedes SLS AMG is a must have car:


  • Needless to say the Mercedes SLS AMG is one of the best looking cars around. The car almost has a vintage look that is sure to drive many crazy. From the moment the doors of the car open to the moment you are inside and the interior of the car takes you in, you have turned into a lover. 
  • You are sure to notice the vintage bits in the bullet-nose T- Birds and Silver Arrow Benzes. The rich and velvety leather, the metal air vents, the aluminum and chrome features speak of heavenly décor. 


  • The Engine is supercharged and provides the perfect driving experience. The engine is a V-8 and offers a horse power of 571 at 6.3 liters. And all comprising AMG unit consists and offers it all along with a torque of 479 pound feet.
  • All this power of the engine is handled brilliantly by the rear wheels due to its seven speed dual clutch transmission that has improved over the years. 
  • The car is extremely easy to drive around and though you cannot exactly call it flexible you can turn it into every nook and corner without much effort. This makes that car handy which otherwise is not a very light weight car. You are in for disappointment if you want to dodge the car without turning off the safety parameters as the car is still as sticky as before. 
  • The massive engine takes up most of the space in the car and leaves you with less leg space and less space for your head as well.