The 2012 Ford Focus ST is definitely a car worth considering. The 2012 model of the car saw many improvements which will be discussed later and also comes with a variety of door options to choose from. The most famous ones in the market are the 3-door and 5-door rendering models which give a different look and definitely a different feel to the car. With the 2013 model of the Ford Focus ST on its way, it’s time to get hold of this car if you have been thinking of doing so.

Here are a few specifications and features of the car that may help you decide:


  • The 2012 Ford Focus ST comes with a modified version of the 2 liter engine. This engine is a modified and therefore better version of the earlier Ecoboost motor which is a four cylindered turbo. 265 lb ft of torque is provided that can be availed from 1750rpm to 4500rpm. 
  • Another welcome change and up gradation on the Ford Focus ST is the presence of a variable ratio electric power steering.  This is aimed at giving better and faster responses to twists and turns.  The electronic steering is also aimed at eliminating torque steering. 
  • When compared to the previous cars, the car is much closer to the ground and provided with better suspenders. 


  • The official maximum that the car can go up to is 154mph, under extreme conditions that car did go up to 162mph. though the engine may not seem to be a very challenging one, it is ready to scale the heights though it is at the mind level that you are sure to get the real feel of driving the car. 
  • The electronic steering does deliver its promise and is surprisingly powerful making it easy to drive around in every corner and take every turn efficiently. Though there is a fair amount of torque steering ion dry surfaces, the steering wheel takes care of it and also adds to the attitude and personality of the car.